Capturing the full beauty of Hanoi's Old Quarter with breathtaking views from high above. Solar Sky Bar Hanoi is the ideal destination for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the romantic sunset scene with a flavorful cocktail and soothing outdoor melodies.

Additionally, we offer indoor space with cool air conditioning for customers who prefer indoor seating. Inspired by Hanoi's traditional cuisine and meticulously selected natural ingredients, we aspire to bring you special cocktails infused with the rich cultural essence of the nation.

Our friendly and professional staff will ensure you have a wonderful experience during your trip to Hanoi.

One of the most beautiful Sunset and Moonlight spots in Hanoi old quarter
Special Cocktails which can keep your mind floating and soaring by the greasy taste of whipping cream
A mesmerizing rooftop destination for sky lovers, stargazers and those who like to dream
Immerse yourself in an exceptional atmosphere of Hanoi from above with amazing drinks